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Privacy statements

WP Crontrol plugin privacy statement

The WP Crontrol plugin is private by default and always will be. It does not send data to any third party, nor does it include any third party resources. It makes no use of HTTP cookies or client-side storage technology. It makes no use of personally identifiable information (PII).

I have high confidence that WP Crontrol has no impact on the GDPR or CCPA compliance of your site, although I cannot guarantee it.

If you need to maintain a historical log of changes to cron events and schedules then the excellent Simple History plugin has built-in support for logging actions performed via WP Crontrol.

Please note that in a future version of WP Crontrol, an opt-in feature may be introduced which allows you to choose to log the outcome of cron events as they run, persistently store the logs, and/or optionally send the logs to a third party service. Such features will only ever be opt-in. website privacy statement

  • The website makes no use of cookies and collects no data from visitors.
  • The website is operated by John Blackbourn.
  • The website is hosted on Netlify.

This privacy statement is subject to change and was last updated on June 28, 2024.